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Bangladeshi Allotment - Credits

Credits - the garden was created entirely with the help of the following people:

Holiday Inns (sponsors)
Malcom Fowler - illustrator - for his amazing vizualization of the allotment
Chris - Positive Tree Care Oxford - tree-surgeon & carpenter for the living willow structure
John & Chris  for gardening services (the heavy work)
Janie for inspiration and beautiful knots
Mrs Luthfunnassa Khanom for encouragement, gardening wisdom and many of the beautiful vegetables
Mrs Nessa, Mrs Khatum & Mrs Uddin for growing the beautiful amaranth for the show
Jhorna, George, Maryse & Karen & Neville
and other members of Adelaide Community Garden Club who helped
Pru of 'Declinature' (next door garden) for her help in finishing touches
Julie at Finchley Nurseries (Burton Hole Lane, Mill Hill) - for propagating extra gourds
Golders Hill Park for supplying extra long bamboo canes
Rob at Palm Centre Richmond for donating edible bamboo shoots
Luftun Hussain at
Spitalfields City Farm for advice and amaranth
Thea at BBC for her support and encouragement
Mandy & Steve at RHS
Quenten for customizing pallettes
Roly and Sue for propagating extra coriander

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